MOT & MOT Protect.

MOT & MOT Protect.

Due to COVID-19, the Government announced an automatic six month extension on all MOTs due between 30 March 2020 and 31 July 2020. Mandatory MOT testing, without the six month extension, was reintroduced on the 1 August 2020. For further information, please refer to the Government guidance.

Book your MOT via the ‘Book a Service’ link at the top of this page or simply contact us to speak to a member of our team. The safety of our customers and staff is our top priority, and we are following the latest Government guidelines on sanitisation at all times.

If your BMW is over three years old, it requires an annual MOT inspection. An MOT check is one of the most in-deph inspections your car will have to check safety-related and emissions systems, including lights, steering, brakes and suspension, and thanks to BMW's engineering standards, passing should be a formality. But there's always a chance that something could have been damaged without you realising it. The official MOT test is a useful annual safety check - and we are the ideal people to take care of the test and any required repair work. We have specialised BMW training and only use Genuine Parts should something need replacing. Once your vehicle has passed, you will receive the official VT20 certificate which is your receipt for the MOT test and shows the information that will be held on the MOT database. If your vehicle should require any recommended additional work this will be listed on the advisory notice of the VT32 document.

BMW MOT Protect
With a new BMW, when your first MOT is due, you'll get to enjoy the benefit of being covered by BMW MOT Protect. In the unlikely event that your BMW fails its first MOT, you won't lose out. Repairs, replacements and labour are all covered on a long list of key items and we will work with you to address any issues promptly and free of charge*.

End of Warranty Check
Before your BMW’s warranty comes to an end, make sure you take advantage of our complimentary End of Warranty Check. Your BMW is eligible no matter how many miles it’s done, so why not book an End of Warranty Check at the same time as your MOT? Your BMW will be inspected thoroughly by our trained technicians, who will make sure that any issues covered by your warranty are taken care of before it expires.

*MOT Protect covers items which fail an MOT test with the following exceptions windscreen, wheels, tyres and items replaced as part of routine servicing (e.g. brake disks and pads) modified and/or non-BMW components.